Do Your Ears a Favor

Solo and Duo Performers


Adam Williams – think Dave Matthews.  Great for dining room and small bar music. A phenomenal player with fantastic vocals, Adam is one of the most talented musicians in Southern Illinois.

Marshall Anderson – A natural performer, he plays all genres, but his focus is on Americana, blues, and alternative country.  He performs with the Tie Dye Family Band and Lone Howl, and has several duo acts.

Bruce Zimmerman – old school blues singer/songwriter, plays a great one man show, but also has band configurations in duo, trio, quartet and full band.  One of the best in the Cape Girardeau area, plays nearly constantly in that region, hosts songwriter’s nights, and has a great network of outstanding industry professionals who often accompany him on stage.  If you’re looking for some true blues, this man and his crew can’t be beat.

Bill Harper – classic rock acoustic show.  Very popular local musician, been around forever.  Often requested for private parties and office events, etc.  Plays a great set of well knows tunes, without hitting the overplayed stuff.  One of the most solid, professional musicians in southern Illinois.  Also performs with other renowned local musicians as part of the group Exeter’s Landing.

Danny Brown – acoustic mixed genre, this is an incredibly talented young man who has been touring professionally since age 12.  His acoustic show has a unique style:  imagine if Tom Petty and Curt Cobain had collaborated, and Danny is what you end up with.  Truly entertaining and a big hit with crowds.

Jeff Bradley – country/southern rock/Americana .  Plays a lot of the wineries as a solo artist, also has a terrific band called South of 70 (country) and another called Giovanni Jones (rock).  Jeff can be spotted in a myriad of small and travelling acts, so he pops up all over the place with almost everyone.  Fabulous guitarist and overall super talented performer.

Tim Whiteford – most versatile musician on my roster.  He can and does play absolutely everything, and he does it well.  He’s also in about 4 other bands, but primary focus are Bosco & Whiteford, The Timmy Whiteford Band, The Polytricksters, and the Cement Pond Band


Tim Crosby - From the biographical, to the purely fictional, to the semi-autobiographical, all his songs pull their stories and characters from real life. Tim writes about himself, his family, his friends and even his enemies -- and the challenges life throws at all of them. A former journalist, Crosby has an eye for detail and an ear for language, which helps bring humor, irony and tragedy to the Americana/country songs he writes and sings. Crosby plays solo gig or is backed by his band The Lightening Strikes

Sarah Lannom – think Mazzy Star, Fiona Apple, or Lana Del Ray, this girl has an amazing voice, very smoky and haunting.  Nora Jones would be envious.  She is an outstanding option for wineries and coffee houses, perfect for a relaxed crowd and private house concerts.


Taylor Made – acoustic duo with a collection of music that absolutely no one else is doing.  Hits from across 5 decades and every genre imaginable.  Absolutely a terrific addition to any venue rotation, never have anything but rave reviews.

Corey Evitts – Paducah based musician with one of the best one man band acts around.  Performs all

of the right music at just the right time, gets the crowd singing along and dancing up a storm.  Plays guitar, piano, mandolin, harmonica, and kick drum, so you get the feel of a band without the size and cost.

Kevin Fox – acoustic rock and classic rock.  Great for afternoon crowds and small events.  Fronts the band Dirtwater Fox, one of the most popular bands in Southern Illinois.  Kevin often performs as part of a duo with Peyton Blewett of the Venturis, and they are out of this world.

Brian Pender – acoustic rock and blues, reads a crowd like a champ, and has a large pool of material, terrific with small crowds, dinner crowds, wineries and private events.  Fronts the band The Wait, a classic, acid and hard rock band that’s very popular on the bar circuit.

Chris Brown (Lone Howl) – Americana/rock/blues  - new as a solo artist, Chris has been performing locally for several years with bands like the Bone Dry River Band, Whiskey Caper, Felony Aces, and Tie Dye Family Band.  Chris is a Marion native with a very strong local following.  He regularly performs with Becca Perry from Nashville as well, adding violin to the already unique sound.  Since beginning his solo career, Chris has been highly sought after by area venues, with fantastic crowd response.  He is greats for any venue, any environment.  Will play to any crowd and keep the audience engaged.

BJ Reach – acoustic rock, think Neil Young.  Has a great local draw, has a big following in the upscale, white collar demographic.  A great fit for corporate events, private parties, and laid back venues like wineries and restaurants.  New to the solo scene, already has a strong following.

Jensen Waugh – With a voice reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, Jensen is a fantastic acoustic country/pop artist.  Despite her youth, Jensen been playing professionally for serveral.  She has developed a solid fan base, and has the ability to hold a crowd.  She has a great response at the wineries and small venues, also perfect for private parties.

Taylor James – multi-instrumentalist with a wide variety of genres at his disposal.  One of the best new songwriters I’ve encountered, and his unique voice and eclectic song choices bring about a show that keeps the audience enthralled.

Leight July - Leight July is a "one-woman band" from Paducah, Ky. attending Murray State University. Her folky-Americana sound is generated by using a custom "suitcase drum" with a tambourine attachment as she is playing the guitar & singing. She has been performing in downtown Paducah since the end of 2016 and has expanded to several venues around the area including southern Illinois. Her original music has been played at the Bluebird Café, two of the "48 Hour Film Projects," and played at the 2017 BBQ on the River.

Clayton Gribble – This young country singer/songwriter is on his way up for sure!  With a deep, resonating voice reminiscent of Waylon Jennings, Clayton adds an element of classic country to the modern style of today.  Crowd pleasing, well-known songs intermingled with originals keeps audiences dancing and having fun as long as he is playing!

Daniel Niehoff – An eclectic songwriter and remarkable vocalist is blowing up!  Recent winner of a Nashville songwriting competition, Daniel is frequently found performing in renowned venues such as the Bluebird Café and the Ryman Auditorium.  Able to emulate any style, pick up a guitar and play any song at a moment’s notice, and cross multiple octive ranges, Daniel has the ability to fit absolutely any environment and perform any genre.  With more than 100 originals under his belt, he is one of the most prolific writers working today.

Riley Kirk – The youngest member of our roster, Riley is only 16, but his talent belies his young age.  Beginning his songwriting at the age of 9, Riley began performing publicly at the tender age of 10.  While his roots may have begun with country music, Riley has branched out and now is knows for infusing his country and southern rock style with the likes of Bruno Mars, Chance the Rapper, and Maroon 5, giving him crossover ability and wide appeal.  His original work is remarkable and also crosses genres and styles.  While her may be young, he is no stranger to the performance scene, and has become very sought after in a very short time for all manner of venues and events.

Ethan Taylor Stephenson - A singer/songwriter in the Americana/Roots tradition, bringing his own blend of traditional picking and songwriting to live audiences around Southern Illinois, where he currently resides. Primarily a one-man act, when not performing with his band the Ethan Stephenson Band, Ethan blends harmonica and acoustic guitar in a style reminiscent of folk musicians of the mid-twentieth century. He is influenced by the folk revival of the 60’s as well as the rise in the Indie music culture and the American roots movement of recent years.  The Ethan Stephenson Band is a 4 piece American rock band that features original music by Ethan

Jonathan Baker – wide variety of genres and styles, great for wineries and small venues, absolutely kills it with any crowd.

Kristin Kearns/Kristin Kearns Duo -  rock, original and covers, originally from Harrisburg, she has a great following when she comes home, formerly the frontwoman for the band  Darling Parade.  Kristin is a great option for any kind of event, wineries, restaurants and private parties, bars, and festivals.

Barry Cloyd – plays a variety of folk, celtic, and blues.  Simply terrific and very experienced performer, based in Peoria area, travels as a professional musician all over the country, and can be available for booking anywhere.  He is frequently seen on the festival circuit as well as in specialty events, such as cruises and corporate events.

Brandon Maddox – Nashville country musician travels through the area a few times a year.  Absolutely jaw dropping talent.  Can perform solo or with a band, depending upon the venue and the budget.        Brandon has recently formed a band of country and classic rock covers that is fantastic.  They would be a great fit. Brandon has a new song that was just released on Music Row Radio and is about to be launched in 200 radio markets across the USA in April.

Andreas Kapsalis – An amazing guitarist specializing in the 10-finger tapping technique.  A true art performer, Andreas is a phenomenal musician that renders viewers awestruck.  Andreas is currently touring extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe to promote his second solo release titled “Andreas Kapsalis Live at The Old Town School of Folk Music" recorded live in Chicago.  He continues to be inspired and is eager to share the beauty of music and how it can enrich one's life.



Dirtwater Fox – Classic and modern rock and country band, great party music, always has the dance floor full.  Reasonably priced with a good following.

Ivas John Band - without question the best blues band around, totally phenomenal, with their own take on Chicago Blues mixed with a little bit of jam rock to flavor things up.  They will play in smaller configurations, they are versatile as heck, Ivas is a great guy, they play nationally and tour as a professional band.  Ivas is also a guitar instructor, so a perfect addition to a music festival with a workshop element, great reputation, very professional.  They are always a big money maker and everyone just loves them.  Outstanding option for nearly any kind of event, from private parties & corporate events, to blues clubs & festivals.

The Venturis - 60's rock cover band, some of the most talented musicians in the area across the board, this is a very,very solid band, Robbie Stokes owns Robco Audio, so they always have pro sound built into their shows.  While this band only does 60's rock, they do EVERYTHING from the 60's and they are so good you'd swear the original band was there playing – this is a definite party band, and personally one of my very favorites.  Perfect for weddings, casinos, and corporate events. You can’t go wrong with them under any circumstance.

King Juba – Simply the best blues/funk bank around.  High energy, amazing musicianship, and terrific crowd response everywhere they play.  Three or four piece options available.  Four piece included a keyboard and horn player, which really amps up the show and brings an element that isn’t found frequently.

Diamond Dog – classic and modern rock, and they are a huge hit when they play.  While there are a lot of classic rock cover bands out there, the members of this band have been performing together for over 25 years.  They are one of the most tight, professional acts working this area, and their song selection is exactly what a crowd would want to hear from a band like this.  They pack every place they play.

Bosco & Whiteford – great bluegrass trio, more upbeat than the traditional stuff, not raunchy like the slamgrass stuff you find sometimes.  They are a great crowd pleaser, and extremely talented to boot.

South of 70 – country/Americana   They do covers and originals, play to the crowd, excellent group, popularity is high and growing all the time.  These guys are always busy, playing all over the Midwest, and they are in high demand wherever they go.

Giovanni Jones – Rock and Roll from all eras, they are a big hit with the crowds.  They play everything from Jimmy Buffet to Lady Gaga, and everyone just loves them.  There’s never an empty dance floor when they are playing.

The Natives – Everything.  This is easily the most diverse band from this area.  Name a genre, they can play it and they will kill it.  With more than 20 years experience, there is nothing these guys can’t do.  They are adaptable and will play to the crowd in any kind of venue.

The Wait – classic and southern rock, with some blues thrown in for good measure.  Strong local draw, great prices, excellent party band, great for outdoor venues and festivals.

Lone Howl Band – Blues/Guitar Rock/Americana – These guys are a real crowd pleaser, playing a variety of hits from multiple genres as well as originals, they bring the party wherever they go!  Hot guitar licks, great, unique vocals, and palpable energy, they turn even the most well-knows songs into their own.]

Danetta Mason Band – A rock variety band based out of Cape Girardeau Missouri . They basically play the soundtrack to your life, covering everything from Sugarland to AC/DC . With over 30 years experience in this industry, they have a reputation of being a rock solid force to be reckoned with featuring some of the best talent in the state.  Also available as a duo.

Cat Daddy O - CatDaddy'O is an electric blues/cover band consisting of seasoned musicians from Southern Illinois and Chicago. Players are as follows: Johnny Shea - guitars, vocals ( Chess Records recording artist), Lou "Unk" Thery - bass guitar/ backing vocals (ZAIUS, Blucifer), Chris "chiLo" Ballard - drums/backing noises/grunts(ZAIUS, Deadwater).

The Driftaways – Reggae/Ska/Dub – I have had nothing but positive crowd response on these guys.  St. Louis based, they have a very full sound with a horn section.  We are super excited about them.  They have a fantastic following in the St. Louis market, and have developed a great name in this area.  Awesome for festivals and private parties, and any event where you want the crowd to have a ball.  Perfect for beach and island themed events, but not restricted to these kinds of events, as regular venue shows are proving to be a big draw. 

Ocean Disco – nothing like them anywhere in this area.  They are self-described as a transcendental groove band, and that’s about the only way to describe them.  They are incredibly versatile, and will stick to covers if that’s what the crowd wants, or they can kick into a festival quality light and groove show, and they do everything in between.  New Orleans based

The Grosso Brothers – 90’s grunge – one of the most awesome cover bands I’ve bumped into.  Out of Chicago, members include players from several Chicago staples in doom rock and bluegrass.  Together, they put on a killer show of all 90’s rock from the bands no one wants to try to cover, like Nirvana, Weezer, Soundgarden, and more.  Available on routing and for special events.  Great for larger venues and festivals.

Bongo Jak vs. the Loop Machine – one of the coolest performers to cross our path thus far, Bongo Jak is a one-man (sometimes he brings a bass player) band with looping and special effects.  He attacks such genres as reggae and synth rock in a unique and engaging manner.  A real crowd pleaser, and capable of acting as a solo/small act or as a full band, as he can add members in nearly any fashion.

Dave Caputo Band - The Dave Caputo band is a combination of live and recorded sound: Dave Caputo and Terry Brantley are the live part and sequences recorded by Dave are the recorded part: real instruments are used for the sequences so the overall effect is as real as it gets!  The variety of music they play covers pop, classic rock, blues, country and reggae from the 1950s through the 90s.  Designed to suit any occasion or venue, it’s always a great time when Dave Caputo shows up!

Djs and Karaoke


Mystify Music – They have a talented staff and top notch equipment.  This company offers up to the minute karaoke options in all genres, including family and children’s music, with more than 250,000 songs in their database.  Can offer party DJ service without the karaoke set up if desired, and also offers photo booth services.  Great for nearly all events, from a Friday night bar party to an upscale wedding or family event.  Perfect for holiday parties, corporate events, private parties, and bars.  Not a club 

DJ service

Party Express DJ – No karaoke, just straight DJ service.  Top notch quality, more than 200,000 songs in the database, can play everything from casual to high end.  Up to date sound system and regular updates of popular music.